March 15, 2017

Successful – Galaxkey Limited

GalaxkeyCity of Bradford Metropolitan District Council is a step closer to GDPR compliance through selecting Galaxkey to secure their communications and data. The Council is responsible for numerous services for the Bradford District within the United Kingdom. Being a metropolitan council, it serves the large district of Bradford with a population of 500,000 plus. The council ensures that services are provided for social care, education, housing, highways, planning, environmental protection, libraries, street cleaning, waste collection, recreational areas and sports facilities, to name a few.

Managed Security Solutions specialises in delivering reliable network and information security services within the UK. Services include consultancy and managed security services with the aim to assist organisations to improve their security posture and enhance productivity.

Another imminent requirement facing Bradford Council (and all other organisations) is the obligation to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR, already enacted, enforces all organisations to conform with the regulation by May 2018. Galaxkey has enabled Bradford Council to meet the encryption criteria required of organisations for GDPR compliance. Moreover, Galaxkey assists in solving the GDPR conundrum by enabling data protection of sensitive data without the requirement for complicated infrastructure and onsite installation of extensive platforms.

Bradford recognised the significance of data security and secure collaboration. However, administering a multiplicity of services on a daily basis as well as being responsible for a vast number of employees, the need for a flexible, comprehensive security solution as well as a proactive, versatile vendor was essential to successfully achieving this within their environment. Secure collaboration was needed both internally and with third parties and personally identifiable information needed to be kept secure. Moreover, the solution had to be affordable.

A fundamental differentiator of the security solution presented by Galaxkey is its capacity for adaptability and the ability it has to integrate within any organisations existing processes. This distinctive feature enabled Bradford Council to take complete advantage of the solution by fully integrating Galaxkey into their internal processes with no impact to their existing functioning.

Together Galaxkey and MSS have delivered a fit for purpose security solution to meet Bradford’s objectives- both present and future prospects appear positive.

Galaxkey have helped a multitude of organisations to realise compliance with GDPR. Bradford Council can be confident that their data as well as their customer’s data will remain protected whilst using Galaxkey.

About Galaxkey
Galaxkey (, a London based establishment- offers cloud, email and content security solutions. Their offerings include complete end-to-end email encryption, document encryption with multi-tenant support, cloud encryption and secure sharing services that enable users to easily encrypt and share files. With a focus on data security: Galaxkey supports organisations to achieve the necessary security posture for compliance.