10th June 2016

Our team

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Vijay Amin MSc is an entrepreneur, consultant and co-founder of ABi Associates and the Grange Business Hub. He has over 35 years’ experience of working with West London businesses. He has designed innovative and ground breaking business development projects for start-ups and growth companies, particularly for the ethnic minority communities. He has co-authored best practice guides and toolkits in the retail, food and the film broadcasting and media sectors.(for example, Reaching Out to Asian Growth Businesses, Breaking into the Mainstream, and Supply Chain Stories). Vijay has established ABi Associates as a leading consultancy and training company in London. Since its founding in 1995, the Company has developed and managed business support programmes across the UK, Europe and USA. It is well known and respected by public sector agencies and the business community for its work in promoting and supporting the enterprise agenda.

Ruth Djang BSc, FCCA is an accountant and leading social entrepreneur, who tirelessly promotes the case for and addresses the challenges and opportunities facing deprived communities in the UK. She has been a leading champion and practitioner of enterprise development of women living in the most challenging neighbourhoods in West London. Ruth founded the Faith in Business social enterprise which provides micro finance and community enterprise development support to communities in London. Through this initiative she has been instrumental in empowering women and youth to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.

Brian Dear was awarded his PhD for research into Human Resource Management strategies in medium-sized and large organisations. He now specialises in the small business sector, green business initiatives and in accessing ‘hard-to-reach’ groups. He has a strong track record in community engagement and outreach in secondary shopping centres and business estates across West London. Brian has been accredited as a business adviser by SFEDI (the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) and is recognised as a business mentor by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. He has extensive experience of social, organisational and business research, surveys and consultations.

Saira Awan is a freelance photographer based in London.  Her passion for the visual arts is what pulled her into the photography world and is what has kept her there. Her main photography interests are people! Whether this be on set of a feature film, a portrait session in a studio or corporate headshots. Sai has exhibited her work in numerous venues across Europe including: BAFTA head office in London (UK), No Label festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Roots and Routes (France, Italy and Germany). Her umbrella, as Visual artist, also includes facilitation of workshops, mentoring and curating arts based projects exploring social and personal issues. Her last disability based project, ‘Visibly, Invisible’ was exhibited at Tate Britain. She is currently working on a personal project titled ‘Girls like us’… a portrait project that will explore women’s stories that can hopefully educate, inspire and support others.

Randhir Shinde is a mentor for ABi clients and founder CEO of Galaxkey. He has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. He is an Entrepreneur and has been actively involved in ventures, which provide Software Development Services and Products. Randhir is the co-founder of Image Analyser, which is the market leader in content filtering and has customers like McAfee, Trustwave and Cisco. He has been involved in various service projects for major corporations and worked on various technologies from desktop to mobile platform. Randhir has also been involved in developing security products for the UK police force.