22nd September 2016

Successful – Danni Joyette-Hadaway

Nine months after the Opening Doors Network programme (ODN) ended, a business which received support from ODN has been launched. IDGO – pronounced “I’d go” is the idea of ODN alumni Danni Joyette-Hadaway. The product created is an ID card which doubles as a contactless payment card. The idea for the business came about when Danni lost her own provisional licence and passport at two separate events. Danni joined the programme run by ABi -one of BTEG’s ODN delivery partners – back in 2014 and was supported over ten sessions to start her own business including creating a business plan, marketing the business and understanding finance.  All sessions were delivered by estamayordanoblished entrepreneurs Saira Awan and Annika Allen who could share their knowledge and experiences of their own start-up journeys with ODN participants.Danni took part in a pitching completion held by ABi to showcase businesses, which was attended by the Mayor of Brent.  Danni –won first prize after successfully pitching her idea to a tough panel of seasoned entrepreneurs who were impressed with the marketability of the product and with how well thought out Danni’s idea was in general.Danni credits ODN on and says “Thank you Sai!! Attending The Opening Doors course was such a good experience and was imperative in getting the IDGO wheels in motion! Many thanks to you all again”  Whilst ODN provided business start-up know how, Danni approached the Princes Trust start-up programme to secure the funding required to get the business off the ground. Following the success of ODN, ABi has developed another start up project for carers and disabled entrepreneurs. For further information about Chalkhill in Business contact Brian or Vijay – info@abi.co.uk

Picture by Saira Awan