18th October 2012

ABi Resources

ABi Resource – Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own small business is exciting and at times challenging. To get you started in your journey, we have developed the following guides and fact sheets based on our track record and expertise in helping over five hundred individuals start their own enterprise ventures. We strongly advice you also to visit start up websites which provides you with first class and independent information and guidance on business start-ups.

Everything Micro-SMEs need to know about Crowdfunding 
A Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs
Guide to the Business of Creativity
Factsheet – Starting a Commercial Catering Business from Home
Factsheet – Starting your own Business
Factsheet – Finding a Business Idea
Factsheet – Five Fun ways to Make Money
Factsheet – Could you run your Own Business
Factsheet – Making Money from your Talents
ABi Business Plan template

ABi Resource – Retail Factsheets

ABi’s series of ‘Fact Sheets for Retailers’ provide concise information on the key topic areas that impact on business success within the retail environment. Each fact sheet highlights the key issues and provides practical advice on the given topic.
If you would like any further advice on any issues relating to this fact sheet then please contact us. We will be delighted to help.

Business Planning
Cash-flow Management Review
Protecting Your Business
Customer Care Review
The Future of Retail: London
Getting More Customers: Marketing Review for Independent Retailers
Securing Business Premises
Stock Control Review
Visual Merchandising: Dressing Your Business for Success
Trading in the Shadow of Multiples
Independent Retailers & the Internet