9th September 2012

About Us

The ABi StoryABi Associates is a London-based business consultancy delivering ground-breaking initiatives in enterprise and community development. Our mission is: “to unlock the potential of individuals through enterprise”. Our passion is to increase the entrepreneurial potential of Londoners. We believe that by doing this we increase inclusion and social harmony amongst Londoners. Our approach is quite simple: we listen and empathise with our clients – be they individuals, business owners, organisations or communities. We then work with them to design creative solutions that meet their needs and support them to develop sustainable enterprises. ABi has set up the Grange Business Hub to inspire positive economic and social change in West London.  We create opportunities for businesses and communities to collaborate on projects that help make a difference in micro neighbourhoods. Our belief is that if you get to know your neighbour then finding solutions to local needs becomes a reality. The driving force behind our purpose at ABi is enterprise, which we firmly believe is instrumental in improving the economic and social prospects of Londoners.

At the heart of ABi is a real commitment to helping individuals, businesses and organisations realise their true potential. We have an enviable track record in doing just that. In the last three years alone, we’ve supported over 500 individual and businesses across a variety of industries, working with start-ups and micro enterprises right through to established companies, developing exciting community initiatives in health & well-being, encouraging youth entrepreneurship and building leadership in not-for-profit organisations.

 Our commitment has been there from the start.

Our Story

In 1995, two of us, Ruth Djang and Vijay Amin, got chatting in our then employer’s kitchen about entrepreneurship and decided there and then that we ought to go into business together to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We knew that not all businesses would come to business advisers. If we wanted to connect, we would have to go to them taking what we had to offer. These days, this kind of outreach sounds ordinary – but back then it was pioneering stuff – it seemed like ethnic minority-owned businesses were not on anyone else’s radar.

It was a time of high learning experiences and people used to come to pick our brains all the time – but they also provided support when we started ABi Associates. The late David Hill provided one of our first long-term contracts – which we successfully delivered as the Breakout programme. We had a lot of discussions with Jamsheed Engineer and Claude Lamshead, Peter Morgan helped us with marketing and copywriting, Brian Dear carried out our evaluations and did some bid-writing, Dave Hodson and Keith Littlejohns sorted our IT and design, Gerry Smith was gave us the opportunity to deliver programmes in Europe, Mike Patel shared with us the concept of shared wealth. The ABi DNA has their guidance, advice and ethos embedded into it – we are grateful to everyone who has helped and supported us through those formative years.

We were very successful with the DTI/Small Business Service “Phoenix Fund” which provided the money for the groundbreaking Faith in Business programme that delivered business support in partnership with black-majority churches. If also funded Fit to Supply, our much-copied project to help small businesses prepare to win contracts from the public sector. We took on the huge Working Broadband ESF project and had to expand staff numbers to cope with delivery while also running programmes targeting the food sector, independent retail and other training programmes.

We needed larger premises and moved into the Grange in North West London (still our company HQ). Our networking events continued to grow and to reach out to different communities in different business sectors. We have had speakers such as Lord Archer, Bill Clinton, Lord Noon, Lord Bilimoria, Rev Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King III.

Twenty years after those kitchen chats, we are still together and still so passionate about what we do. Our motto “Your Business, Our Passion” is as true today as it was way back in 1995. We believe entrepreneurs are the real change agents in our society. We are proud and privileged to have supported so many talented entrepreneurs and businesses. 

We wish them all the best for the future and hope that we can continue to do what we love. It’s not work, it’s a way of life.

Ruth & Vijay